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Spring Hill has had a whole series of websites. Five years ago I made a website on WordPress.com and it was all we needed. Then Covid happened and we wanted to add e-commerce, so I built a new website using Grazecart. That was all well and good for a year, but then we decide to upgrade and expand our operation, so we moved to Shopify. We love Shopify! Spring Hill and our partner farm, Havin Hills, sold all our good together on the Spring Hill website on Shopify. And THEN we opened a storefront in Ridgeland, WI and created a new business entity called Four Harvest Farm Company. The website became Four Harvest, and that’s where you can order products from both of us.

It got a little confusing, though. People looking for Spring Hill would find Four Harvest and wonder if they found the right place. In addition, Spring Hill still offers things that Four Harvest doesn’t. We really need a separate website for each farm, so that’s what I’m doing now. You can still shop at Four Harvest, but here I’ll be adding information that’s just about Spring Hill. (After that I’ll build a site for Havin Hills as well, but I need a minute.)

If you’ve read all this, I appreciate it. This is all one big learning curve for me and I appreciate your patience.

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