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Pasture-raised chicken is the best chicken you’ll ever have. Our chickens live on pasture in portable shelters. We move them to fresh grass every day so they can eat plants and peck for bugs. Combined with our low-stress handling practices, chicken from Spring Hill tastes amazing.


Roast a whole chicken on Sunday, use leftover chicken for meals later in the week, and turn the bones into soup. You can get multiple meals out of each chicken.

Cost Effective

Buying whole chickens directly from Spring Hill is the least expensive way to buy pastured chicken. We offer pre-order only, so we raise just how many we need to feed our customers (and ourselves, of course). This brings our cost as low as we can get it.

Details / FAQ

How much does it cost?

We ask for a deposit of $5.00 per chicken. Final price is $4.25 per pound, and the chickens average 3 to 5 pounds. This price is for one whole chicken – it can also be cut into pieces for an additional $3.00.

How big are your chickens?

Our whole processed chickens range in size from 3 to 5 pounds. You are welcome to specify the size you are looking for and we will pick out chickens for you that are close as possible to the size requested.

Is it just whole chickens?

Your chicken can be whole or cut into pieces. Cutting up the chicken means a small fee for extra processing. If you would like custom processing, such as having packages of just wings, boneless skinless, chicken breast, or similar cuts, there is a minimum order of twelve chickens and additional processing costs depending on what is ordered.

What do you feed your chickens?

Our chickens eat as much as they want of grass and other plants in the field, but it’s not enough to keep them healthy and growing, so we also feed grain – mostly corn and soy – that is locally grown.

Is your feed organic and non-GMO?

No, neither. Buying either organic or non-GMO grain would mean sourcing feed from other countries, which is unacceptable to us. Well over half of certified organic livestock feed is imported from other countries. It is also dramatically more expensive and would force us to almost double our prices, so buying it would go against our values of focusing on local production and making local food as affordable as possible. We are very happy with the quality and safety of the grains we feed and foods we produce. The meat you buy from Spring Hill is the same meat that feeds our own family.

Where do I pick up the meat?

Pick-up is at Spring Hill Family Farm south of Chetek. Chicken will need to be picked up shortly after it is processed.

How it works

Fill out the order form (it will be available please specify how many chickens you would like.
I will email you an invoice for deposit, which is $5 per chicken.
The invoice can be paid online using a credit card, ACH transfer, PayPal, or check.
At pickup the rest of the $4.25 per pound will be due. Pickup is scheduled weeks ahead of time – no surprises!
Enjoy a well stocked freezer so you always have a meal plan.
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